What model suits me?

The BookBow is available in both wood and plastic. The plastic BookBow has the advantage of being cheaper, and adjustable in length. It comes in three sizes. The shorter it is, the easier to bring, e.g. on the train, to the beach, or in the guitar case. The longer models will however work just as well with smaller books.
The Pocket BookBow, 20-37 cm. Available in transparent and dual colour (black/transparent). The Pocket BookBow is used for pocket books, and many bound books.
The Medium BookBow, 27-50 cm. Available in black and dual colour (black/transparent). The Medium BookBow is used with all but the very largest books.
The Long BookBow, 37-70 cm. Available in black and transparent. The Long BookBow can be slipped around a music stand, to prevent the wind from taking your sheets while playing outdoors.

The price of a single colour BookBow is 7.00, including postage and handling. The price of a dual colour BookBow is 8.00. Please visit the How to buy the BookBow section.

Colour is of course a matter of personal liking. Black, transparent or black inside transparent (dual colour). For discreet use, e.g. at an outdoors concert, choose the transparent BookBow.

The Wooden BookBow is the Rolls Royce of BookBows, and is a piece of art at the piano. They are beautiful to keep in a vase by the window while not in use, as well.
The Long Wooden BookBow, 70 cm. Is used with all books and music stands.
The Short Wooden BookBow, 50 cm. Is used in most situations, but can not be slipped around music stands. The Wooden BookBow is available stained in Blood red, Chestnut brown and Silver grey.

The price of the Wooden BookBow is 15.00 including postage and handling. Please visit the How to buy the BookBow section.